George & Company
                                    Certified Public Accountants

At George & Company, Certified Public Accountants, we are...

committed to helping you achieve your financial success by devoting our full attention to your needs. We consider your needs as if they were our own, in other words..."we put ourselves in your shoes".

We believe this attitude affords us the unique ability to provide the highest quality services provided with a degree of both professionalism and personal attention that we hope you would expect and appreciate.

Accountants and Consultants

As a business advisor to our clientele, we focus on maintaining a strategic relationship with each of our clients based on their particular needs.

Our clients include professionals who demand proficient, timely and cost-effective financial, accounting, tax and business consulting services that will guarantee the most effective advice.

Our firm is large enough to warrant dedicated tax law monitoring, but also small enough to provide personal attention...Learn more


We work closely to ensure that our clients can achieve their maximum potential